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VenuG Presents: Let people call you a WebJunkie. How to make positive use of Social Media for Public Good.


Or a Social Media Influencer?

To decide. Thank You. :)  

Depends on the way, you look at it. Because IMHO, I do make a difference in hundreds of lives day in & day out.

This was meant to go with my #VenuKiClass #instagram update but instagram would NOT let me post this as an #instablog
Parva illa!

Here it goes!

On 16th May, 2014, an ordinary tea selker 30 years ago, rose to become, The Prime Minister of India, simply with the positive use of Social Media!!!
I'm a Banker by professionprofession for 30 yearsyears(4-2-1985),  & a Mentor by passion, for 32 Years!!!(Since April 1983 when I mentored Sreedevi to clear CAT) Ever Since Sreedevi, I work passionately on Youth space. Both I & Shri Modi know well the demographics of India, 65% of Indians are under 35, and they are freely approachable on the web. They are ambitious, hungry for jobs, and this positive energy utilised well can go a long way, in nation building, and left to fend for themselves, uncontrolled, unguided & confused, can easily turn to Crime.
Either you can turn them into Malala Yousufzai or into ISIS Chief.
It is for us, mature leaders, to show them the right path.

  And what better way than either find your protégés on the web, friend them, guide them, then meet them offline, or meet them offline, then Friend them on Facebook.
Last week at IIT Kharagpur Springfest, I made 200 is such lifelong friends, protégés, Sons & Daughters, 40 of them either are my Facebook buddies or Twitter Followers. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😅😅😅😅☺☺😝😝
Before you read, my blog post, kindly go through The Telegraph Metro article LINK on Internet Addiction. I agree I'm online from 9AM to 12PM. But not neccesary watching my screen.
I do it when I'm free. But NO I'm NOT addicted, but purposefully online with a plan.
So here's my logic.
Every word here is true.

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 #instablog #useofinternet
Well, what must I say??
Do you think I must slow down
On #SocialMedia ?
A) I have constant #headaches (Thankfully cured today)
B) I'm aggresive at times.
C) No weight loss or gain.
D) Live with my ENTIRE family.
I spend lot of time on internet.
There are people close VERY CLOSE to me, who are irritated or disagree with me, on my excessive use of the #web
My Take. #MyView
1 I know what I'm doing.
2 I'm an extrovert.
3 Being on the internet helps me, to reach out to my thousands of protégés worldwide. Some of my protégés are those, whom I have NEVER EVER met EVEN ONCE!!!
4 I have saved more than 100 lives in this one year of those, who I was sure were looking at #Suicide as an escape route
My constant egging, motivating, explanations, coaxing cajoling, I have been able to convince every such person who I noticed, or who approached me for help. I hold a 100% success rate. I'm not a psychiatrist but a #Mentor & #Motivator
5 I search, identify & approach & practically stalk my protégés.
6 Every evening, when I log into #Facebook the 1st post on my #Timeline is ALWAYS someone troubled expressing angst.
Facebook #algorithm helps them & me. I swiftly message, sometimes call & pacify the a person & ALWAYS succeed.
Sometimes, the person asks me something and I out of blue, tell them, "Look, what you're trying to achieve, is out of your reach, it is a futile effort. Concentrate on YOUR LIFE, and you would get something better than what you're now pursuing" They're shocked , how did I find out without their even telling me a word? I'm a peoples person, without interaction, offline or online, I'm edgy.
7 With utter confidence can I boast, there would be people on #Facebook, #Twitter #YouTube & #Instagram with thousands or millions fans, followers, likes, RTs, shares, but The number of persons that I have MET IN PERSON, TALKED TO, CONVERSED WITH, KNOWN (ALL THESE ATTRIBUTES ARE IN ONE PERSON OK!!!) With whom I continue my relationships for 20-30 years, would be in existence in not more than 10000/7billion population on Planet Earth.
I mean what I'm saying
With me #WYSIWYG of WordStar works 100% all the time.
Now coming to why's of this.

Why Telegraph Why?
The #Social Order changeth with The #SocialMedia
The cosy clubs can no longer rule. Information is not controlled, it is freely available.

The earlier social order, dwelt on controlled #education #information #polity
To The Manor Born Ruled.
T'was impossible for a poor kid to break the glass ceiling.
Jasmine Revolution or #JusticeForWomen #Nirbhaya
Justice Verma Commission Was not possible!
 A guy like me, could never control whatever #CNN or #Telegraph did.
NOW #YesWeCan
1 Free 4G WiFi
2 BJP in Bengal
3 Left & Congress trying to encroach.
A #Newspaper or a #Corporate CANNOT do George Orwell's Thought Police. #JeSuisCharlie

No Race, Class, Country, Religion can enslave ANYONE
By cultural hegemony like McCauley did.
#PR is a #Fail in World of Social Media.
When #CharlieHebdo prints a #Cartoon on its cover, public pressure ensures that media blacks it out, treating it as inflammatory content NOT #FreedomOfExpression
The Hypocrisy of the west, is exposed with what they do to
Edward Snowden or Da Vinci Code.

World has really become truly #democratic You can't act like a pied piper & drown the mice following you, because, some smart one is using a mouse to #Educate & #Enlighten
Now #NYT & #WaPo can't hide the truth, that, 50% of the western & Arab scientific temper, #Knowledge & Renaissance is sourced from ancient #vedic knowledge.
You cannot question Drik Panchang is any worse than Hubble's Telescope. In gist,
"You can't fool one person all the time, you can't fool all persons one time, you can't fool all people all the time"!!!
#VenuQuotes #quotes
Is an improvement upon Abraham Lincoln's #quote !!!
Hence I use the social media, with a plan & well thought out strategy.
I tell Tanmay Bhat to move All India Bakchod from #Soundcloud to #YouTube
Because chinese phones can view YouTube #video NOT sound cloud #audio
I tell Nikki Minaj & Ariana Grande to be patient.
I ask #CNN to just shutup.
I tell Shri Narendra Modi to check our productivity data 1991-2015 before using the term "Lazy Banking"
I tell Didi & Jaitley & Gowda to give Kolkata Metro or vanish from my horizon.
I expel the misconception that #Calcutta SUCKS.
And I'm successful at that Ya!
If I stop using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube #Blogger or Instagram I won't be able to achieve 1% of what I achieve.

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VenuG Presents :Bengal Global Investors Summit from an outsider now settled in Kolkata for good.

But what does public support to politics do?
Compare the three screenshots

So, it is in your interest, that you support the goveto you elect, to get what you want

    They say "God helps those, who help themselves"
Jai Hind
Look Like Warren Buffet, I'm a sane investor.
When I put my money, where my mouth is, I know if I put  ₹a1, I earn 100.
I never invest to get 15%.
And I've invested ₹ 40 lakhs.
My daughter, has invested her whole life, future, career & existence, to Kolkata.
Though she may fly to Mumbai, for a shoot, ramp walk, business trip, but she has made it amply clear, she would like to take the 1st flight to Kolkata ASAP.
She has forgone Delhi NIFT, though I , like many parents, pf her classmates , could easily get her transferred to NIFT Delhi(in top 10 world Fashion schools) to stay back, at NIFT Kolkata, not for the Fashion School, but for the safety & security for women, & the relatively cheaper expenses, labour, rents & HEAR THIS "THE BETTER QUALITY & QUANTITY OF FASHION FABRICATORS IN RELATION TO DELHI, JAIPUR(have land in export promotion zone) Bangalore & Coimbatore. I'm not talking about "Darzi" Stuff, but "Designer" Haute Couture!!! She proved to me, that every Wedding Trousseau Dealer in Jaipur, who supplied wedding garments to Aishwarya Rai, Princess Katherine, Madonna, Rihanna, Liz Hurley, sourced their goods from Kolkata! Surprised? That's plain truth.
I found out she was right, when I followed her, in 2009(3 years after she joined NIFT Kolkata) deep in debt. Well I've repayed most of it. Because my monthly expenses in Kolkata are a pittance over Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Of course Jaipur (Costliest city in India, for a middle class PSU Employee.
If as an investor, as a person setting up ITES/Web based /Cloud based enterprise, there is no town better than Kolkata. Land is cheap, so is residential property to buy/rent, great schools, Culture, Art, Entertainment. IMHO, for IT based &,entertainment based enterprises, there's no city in Asia, better than Kolkata (Asia NOT India!!!) As the human capital available is in abundance , they're more productive /per Rupee spend! A ₹15000 per month Kolkata kid, will give you 50-60% production than a ₹50000 Mumbai/Delhi/Chennai/Hyderabad.
DO NOT CALCULATE THE OUTPUT OF A BENGALI KID , to a Delhi/Bangalore/Chennai/Mohali/Hyderabad/Pune kid in those cities but in Kolkata, as, you pay him/her ₹15000 & NOT 50000!!! But be careful to tell them their working hours, after which, they party hard. They know how to live life
 Thrye WORK HARD & THEY PARTY HARD. Don't expect them to do 248366/72 hour weeks. They would do no more than 40 hour work weeks COME WHAT MAY. But in those 40 hours, no one could beat their productivity & the quality control
 If any of you, has engaged a Bengali carpenter (who works on % of cost of inputs normally 40% Normally, not daily wage rate) their output both in quantity, quality & speed, is unmatched by a North Indian Carpenter!! Same for Tent decorator, Plaster of Paris Artiste, Light decorator, carpet yarn manufacturer, zari/diamond/weaving labour
 Same for the engineer. The trouble with your thinking is, you want to make your labour for 12 hours. No civilised/developed country in the world does that? If you do make him/her indeed work a 12 hour day, trust me you, s/he's much smarter alec
 Your productivity in 12 hours shall be equivalent of his/her 7 hour work day(what you paid them for) If a medical pharmacy in Jaipur is operated by 1,employee , at ₹ 20000/- the same, would be done by 5 people in Kolkata at ₹5000(a saving of ₹5000) and their output (of the 5) is >> than the 1 Jaipur guy
 And they would lock the shop, at dot
You may employ shifts to keep your premises open for 12 hours. There's a Dhaba(I won't name them) I found it strange that, the cooks were eating , sitting at the table next to me, in their work uniform at 7PM)
I took up this with the owner. The reply shocked me!!
"Sir, aren't they human being? Their terms include food, which they are consuming. Can't they enjoy their meal?)
This is not a seedy joint, but a place, where millionaires visit, with the whole family. Nowhere on earth have I seen this!!!
After work, they want their Adda, Carrom, Football, Music, Art, Theatre & Creativity to the last T!!! If any untoward incident happens in any tourist destination in India or abroad, among the victims, you'd definitely find one Bengali
 And they travel with the whole family, Jamai, Bou, Cheley-Meye, Bouma, Pishi(Son in Law, Wife, Kids, Mother in Law, Aunt) much planning goes into it. Two annual holidays, one near (Puri/Darjeeling) One far(Andamans / Kerala / Rajasthan)
If you have read Feluda, Kakababu, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi, Tagore, seen Satyajit Ray, most of stories are travelogues. The story is interspersed with events at Egypt Pyramid, Golden Fort at Jaisalmer, Darjeeling etc
 So, if you want to employ  a Bengali (who you may consider as lazy, lethargic or procastinators, but I consider them, INDIVIDUALLY GREAT, BUT IN A TEAM, EGOS & INDIVIDUAL AMBITIONS COME AS AM IMPEDUMENT. The problem for me an outsider, who is a sucker for all beautiful things that Kolkata has given to me, that, I've performed & played 100 times music, which I had given up, in 1984 to pursue Banking, which I resumed in a beautiful City of Joy, At OpenMic SomeplceElse in October 2009.
Unless the citizens themselves have faith in their own city, how can outsiders? So keep the faith.
Read the following.
PS:Read the wish list at the bottom. I had posted this, to Derek O'Brien & Agnivo Niyogi & Arun Jaitley & Nitin Gadkari, on Instagram & Twitter. I'm happy to announce, the work on East West Metro Corridor has resumed . hahahahaha I'm taking the credits for THIS Am I loud & clear??
So dear Bangali & Ghoti get together. Be positive. Move on.
And the world is yours.
Good Night...
So move your ass.
Get going
Show the world
For , whatever good you do
There would always be an Arnab Goswami telling you that you suck!
By someone telling you, you're dark (you remain fair) lazy(keep doing what you do) moron(apply your brain) Dontcha stoop to the level of naysayers & trolls.
Anything that you do, there are criticizers. Remember, after eating alu bhaja, chire bhaja, bhst, dal, khasi mamgsho, chicken, malai chingri, maach, mishti & more, paan, supari, ice cream, cola milk & starters & soup, a long burp and a fart later
"Yaar machli mein mircha tej gira tha, dal mein namak adhik pada tha" :-)
Naysayers are like that

Kuch to log kahenge. Be +ve
Amar Sonar Bangla.
Read on.........

Please RT @quizderek tq
In other #news @arunjaitley @nitin_gadkari are guests @BengalSummit
Being Held at #Kolkata #Calcutta on 7-8th January, 2015
#Bengal Global Investors Summit 2015.
Check the website
They are 2 Central Ministers of Cabinet in #BJP Government
That too in important positions.
This is a good sign of Centre-State Co-operation.
Mr Jaitley holds the post of Cabinet Minister of Finance, Corporate Affairs & Information & Broadcasting, he is a great orator, he has issued a statement of intent speaking at the summit that I quote
" @ndtv: If each one of you invest in Bengal, I assure you that Centre will stand behind you: Arun Jaitley at investors' summit in Kolkata "

" @PTI_News: Jaitley says despite political differences, there are national causes to stand together, asks West Bengal to broaden manufacturing base for "
Ms Mamata Banerjee the current Chief Minister of the state & Mr Amit Mitra, the economist Finance Minister Shall play the host.
I welcome this. This is what #BrandBengal needs at this moment in order to prevent the exodus of brilliant #educated #youth to #Bengaluru #Chennai #Hyderabad & #Europe

Mr Gadkari is
Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways
and Shipping & Bengal needs better roads & is an important port for #imports

Look at the #GDP #GSDP #statistics these are not State Government Statistics but CSO Central Statistical Organisation #Data where Bengal which was  30% (4.72/6.7)lower than national average in FY 2011-12, now is 49%(6.72/4.5)  higher than the national average in 2012-13 & 83% (8.62/4.7) higher in 2013-14. (Not 56% higher)

I'm living in Kolkata since 2009 & have seen the following.
Improvement in:
1. Traffic Management.
2 Sewerage Management
3 Housing & Infrastructure.
4 Absolutely 0 Bhandhs(19 between June 2009-April 2011) ZERO SINCE MAY 2011!!!
5 Repair of old #Tram Lines
6 New Parks like Eco Parks, improvement in Dhakuria Lakes.
7. Reduction in late night crime after 11:30 Curfew
8 Crimes & Robberies by Airport Cab drivers stopped.
9 Cab driver goondagardi stopped. No refusal & @kptraffic facebook page helps. Immediate case against erring cab drivers as well as private vehicles no bribes.
10. Beautification of River front from all sides is the best part of achievement.
12. Tourism, Digha, Mandarmani, Kurseong, Murshidabad & Darjeeling.
13. Big events bigger than before. KIFF, IPL etc. Rabindra Sangeet & Pous Mela.
A) Bridges like Parama,
B) Sector V - Howrah Maidan East West Metro Corridor.
C) BBD Bag - Joka Metro
D) Repairs of National Highways by NHAI
E) Renovation of Howrah, Sealdah, Kolkata & Shalimar #Railway Stations.
F) Start unfinished IT parks immediately to give jobs to Bengal Youth

Monday, January 5, 2015

VenuG Presents: Counter points to Gyan Sangam. My study of SCBA tells me, Social Profits of PSU Banking are BEST among the world with NO Parralels ANYWHERE. We aren't LAZY BANKERS

On 2nd & 3rd January, 2015, Mananiya Pradhan Mantri ji, Honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, under the aegis of Department of Financal Servces #DFS
Organized a 2 day weekend retreat for convergence of wisdom or "Gyan Sangam" on Financial Services in India at National Institute of Bank Management,
#NIBM , Kondhwe Khurd, Pune, Maharashtra
411048 +91-20-267-6000

The Honourable PM adressed the convergence conclave on the 3rd of January, 2015.

Important Note:
Since my School Days
A) I follow the Government of India POV.
B) I work for a PSU Bank for the last 30 years. Nearly (on 04-02-2015)
C)GoI hold 51% of the shares, hence they are the owners.
D) I'm an employee hence GoI is my bread giver & source of Income
E) But I and my family hold 10000 shares in #SyndBank or Syndicate Bank, my employers for the past 30 years, which also technically makes me owner.
F) My earnings, my house, education of my two children in Kendriya Vidyalaya at Jaipur, Mumbai & Kolkata are all because of my this bank job.
G) Above A-F not only makes me servile & subservient to GoI & Syndicate Bank, but also an important stake holder. 30 of my 55 years are spent, building this bank stronger brick by brick, to the best of my skill, knowledge & energy, much of it acquired after joining, the Bank. MBA, CFA, CAIIB. Plus on the job, infotech + advances, of which I had no knowledge.
So, the perrenial survival of MY BANK FOR 90 YEARS WAS POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF THE DEDICATION & DEVOTION TOWARDS THE COUNTRY & COUNTRYMEN BY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS Shri T M A Pai, Shri Upendra Pai & Shri Vaman Kudva & their successors , who all had one goal! Financial  inclusion & priority sector banking plus the two maxims "Faithful & Friendly" & "No man is too small for the Bank"

In the above light, my letter to the PM is not opposition to the GoI thought, policies & goals, but I feel very strongly against The PM calling ours "Lazy Banking" where between 13-20-12-2014 I worked for 89/144 hours. To ensure PMJDY passbooks are delivered to branches on time. Also I strongly take objection for attributing purely financial profits as a parametre to judge organisations working in "Public Interest" on that account GoI runs at a loss of 5.7% p.a. Social Cost Benefit Analysis is the basis for organisation's working for social good. If we just cared for profits, we would NOT have achieved 20% of what we achieved and would have performed much like the new generation private sector banks!!!

Dear PM Sir, I respect you tremendously, I agree with your goals, financial literacy, financial inclusion, "house for all" "education for all" "Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan"
So here, I express my angst.
The views are personal. In no way, do my views, my personal views, hamper, my roles or duties. I'm committed to nation building till my last breath.

My POV as my stream of thoughts & wisdom, poured, straight from my heart, into the heavy "Gyan Sangam" ki Ganga.
To me, survival of Syhdufaree Bank for 900 and more years is a dream.
On 20th October 2015 we celebrate our 90th foundation day.
#VenuG Presents: @fistpostin
In "South Masala VideoWith
Leading Actors in Stellar roles,
Shri Narendra Modi.
Shri Arun Jaitleyo.
Shri Hasmukh Adhia.
Smt Arundhati Bhattacharya.
Shri Raghuram Rajan.
We Bankers are
Soooooo Lazy
That we opened 100 million bank accounts under #PMJDY in 2 months.
Ujeless phellowj!
1. Calling for an end to "Lazy Banking" Prime Minister on Saturday, added that the government is against intervention in affairs of #Banks

2. Calling for the Banks to be among Top Banks in the world, he said, he was against Bank Mergers. RBI Governor reiterated, that there is need for more small special need banks like "payment banks"

3. He said that banks need to fight cyber crime & remove financial illiteracy, and be among the Top 10 Banks in the world.

4. Banks should take up one sector each year as #CSR & having 81% of Branches & 77%
Deposits must increase profits from current level of 45%.

5 Emphasising non-interference policy of Government in the affairs of the #Banks added that the Banks must finance 20-25000 Swachchta Entrepreneurs.

6. Calling for helping in the goal of 11 Crore dwelling units by 2022, to achieve the "houses for all" policies, said Gyan Sangam was an initiative towards "Team Spirit" .

7. He said that 7 Crore households benefited from the direct cash transfers of #LPG subsidies, in the first 3 days since its launch on 1st January, 2015.

8. Banks must give education loans to needy students, to channelise the youthful energies towards nation building .

9. He concluded by pleading to Banks to conduct competitions in Schools, to increase Financial Literacy in the country.

#YesPrimeMinister to All the above except.

1. My study of social cost benefit analysis #SCBA pleads to you, to please add " #Social #Profits " to " #Financial #Profits " the net increase in #GDP ratio from current 4.8% to likely 7% if 110 million houses, being built, the concurrent increase in Steel, Cement, Labour sectors, increase in #Homeloans , Education of 20 million Indians, the foreign remittances from 2 million Indians from above 20 million add up to around 85% of the current profits of the entire #Banking #Sector
Add 45+85% = 130% of the Banking Sector Profits.

You either do #CSR & Social Banking for "Public Interest" for which, as a majority 51% shareholder & owners, I WELCOME "POLITICAL INTERVENTION" OF HIGHEST ORDER AS HAS BEEN HAPPENING OVER THE YEARS SINCE JUNE 1969, when the Banks were #Nationalised
Ours are the  only organisation in #India, that is #Bharat
Who selflessly work to uplift our brother & sister country men & women. Either you look at profits or "Public Interest" .

2. Since the Post Liberalisation period of Indian Financial System on the recommendation of Narasimhan Committee I, several new , it enabled banks have been issued licences to open bank branches in India.
The 1st phase of PSU Banks between 1969-1980 14 + 6 of 1980 - 1 New Bank of India merged with PNB + SBI + 7 SBI Associates, - 1 State Bank of Saurashtra merged with SBI total of 26 Banks owned by Government of India #GoI
Have in your own words " 80% of branches , 71% deposits, 45% profits" whereas all the rest of Old Generation  Private & Foreign Banks + New Generation Tech Savvy Branches have
1969-2014 = 45 YEARS
1991-2014 = 23 YEARS

In the same time, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, Airtel, Vodafone, Infosys, Wipro, Hyundai, Samsung, Maruti, Hero Motorcorp, Grasim, Tech Mahindra, Reliance, Adani, Satyam, Ranbaxy, Lupin Labs, have beaten early birds of the likes of IBM, Microsoft, BSNL, Pfizer, Glaxo, Ford, Yahoo, AT&T, Siemens, Telefunken, Bajaj Scooters, TATA Motors, Mafatlal Industries, Calico, DuPont, Bombay Dyeing, Port Trust of India, Blackberry, Nokia, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloon, Akbarally's


3. Please for heavens sake DO NOT MERGE US AND FORM NEW SMALL BANKS. Alternatively, immediately issue New Licence to #IndiaPost which #IMHO Better than engaging Business Correspondents by PSU Banks!!
In one go you will add 1 million bank #branches & also put a cat among pigeons making us #PSU #Bankers #alert like the new gen private banks did. We shall innovate, ignite, inspire, incarnate & incite 5 i's new ways to fight this new found competition. Trust me, with increased technology & digital reach, we will once again come out in flying colours, like we did, from 2000s onwards with #CBS & 20 other delivery channels.

4 Seriously, the GenX Bankers are in drove quitting #Banking towards greener pastures, unless the 10th Bipartite Wage Settlement is reached Asap to the liking of the #GenX staff. Trust me I quote "As we are connected to NPS , we have no affinity or attachment to any organisation , we shall quit, at the 1st better offer & Join anyone who pays & treats us better" Unlike us, the 80s generation, who have stuck for 30+ years, ignoring much better pay packages stuck on, to serve #AamAadmi they have no such umblical cords. The times have changed. Packages have superseded faithfulness & affinity or belongingness to the organisation. Get the #IBA to sign it at the earliest I say.

5 Lastly & More importantly, increase the retirement age to 62 for 3 years!!! NO!! I MYSELF WANT TO RETIRE ON 30-04-2020 even if retirement age is increased. I have shunned better offers, chances to work at Muscat, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore , US & Canada to serve my countrymen .
I want to retire to serve my wife of 28 years, who wants to pursue organic farming, and in my constant transfers, has been building & abandoning trees, plants & gardens in every 5 years.
I want this extension of 3 years so that the
SOLE KRA OF 60+ EMPLOYEES SHALL BE TO ACT AS MENTORS TO YOUNG PROTÉGÉ BANKERS TO TEACH THEM THE PRINCIPLES, LAW & PRACTISE OF #BANKING with the vast experience of 30+ years  I myself have been doing the same since 4-2-1985 the day I joined #SyndicateBank
And shall continue to do the same, till my last breath selflessly, as, what I & my family are & have, is all due to my this Bank #job
PS: I quit the post of Inspector (Preventive) Customs & Central Excise to join #SyndcateBank
I'm sure, that is a sufficient proof, to my dedication & passion towards Banking.
I completed my CFA, MBA  & CAIIB after joining the Bank. Have always sought transfers to new areas, Fx, Technology, New cities, new challenging assignments. So I was always am, and shall be open to new challenges.

Faithful & Friendly
January 5, 2015
19:00-22:00 hours IST


1 The article on @firstpostin which compelled me to write this open letter.

2 Serpents & Dead BSNL Phones at NIBM Pune, repaired for #GyanSangam

3 Agenda & Programme at Gyan Sangam or confluence of wisdom .At NIBM Campus,
2nd & 3rd January, 2015. A weekend retreat to freely ponder on financial services in India.
PIB release.