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Sanjay Ki Ma ROTI, Sanjay ki Maruti

In My childhood, I heard this from Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sanghis
" Sanjay ki Ma ROTI, sadko pe firti hai "

  Reading about Labor unrest at the Manesar plant of Maruti Suzuki Ltd, I remembered this slogan, and thus came the idea for this story.

         Long long ago, there was a fine young lady known by the name of Indira Gadhvi, she gave birth to a beautiful boy and named him Rajiv Gadhvi.

                As soon as he was born, since he was the 1st born he was wrapped in a beautiful woven woolen blanket, bathed using Johnson & Johnson Baby soap, Johnson Baby Oil was applied on his body, and every time after he passed stool, he was cleaned and Johnson & Johnson baby powder was sprinkled on his ass. He slept happily, he was fed on time, and hence was a content baby, so he smiled most of the time. As the mother was inexperienced, she met pediatrician almost daily, gave him his BCG , DPT, Polio vaccines promptly, gave him boiled water, mashed food and Cerelac, Now two things happened  :-

1 Rajiv became a child very sensitive to vagaries of weather ( But every time he fell ill, Mother used to promptly take him to the pediatrician, GIVEN ONLY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS)  and docile and obedient child.
2 Rajiv was a happy child, because he got everything he wanted, at the same time, very tantrum throwing, because, he knew , his mother would accede to all his requests promptly.

              A few years later, Indira was blessed with another child, she named him Sanjay Gadhvi, being the 2ND child, since the mother was now experienced, did not repeat her mistake of pampering the child, he was wrapped in Rajiv's hand me downs, and always wore Rajiv's old clothes, and played with Rajiv's old toys. At times his vaccinations got delayed, he was treated without fuss, when he fell ill, he was given OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS like crocin syrup, as soon as he had fever, and max mox when he coughed. He was given Chapatis or Bananas from a very early age, to eat & not Cerelac, and given Dairy Cow Milk, from Mother Dairy, to drink.

This made the boy
1 Tough and resilient to the vagaries of weather ( He very rarely fell ill, even if he did, he took it casually)
2 Rough and Tough, Bully type and a man with a very sharp Temper, resorting to violent behavior, against anyone who opposed him. He took the anger of being ignored by his busy mother, on whoever bothered him the slightest. He frequently bullied other boys in his surroundings.

   Some days later Rajiv Married a Well mannered Girl Sonia Maina with the blessings of his Mother, whereas Sanjay married Maneka Sing to face the ire of his mother.Sanjay after this behaved very brashly, and became highly arrogant and uncontrollable, the result of which, had to be faced by some innocent citizens of their city.

                  Now, let us substitute Indira Gadhvi with The Management of Maruti Suzuki Limited, Rajiv Gadhvi , with the pampered  spoilt to boot and treated as equals, Permanent employees of Maruti Suzuki Limited Gurgaon plant, paid nearly Ra 18000 per month, with proper work breaks, canteen facilities, where its CEO, R C Bhargava eats with them, wearing the same uniform, and Sanjay Gadhvi, with the hapless contractual labour, at Maruti Suzuki Limited, Manesar Plant, paid Ra6000 per month, given 2 7 minute breaks in an 8 hour shift, with toilets, situated 1 km from their work stations. 

             I will not give any conclusion, you as a reader react. I would love a feed back. If this post is read by some executive working at Maruti Suzuki Limited, please ask Shinzo San to read it. Maybe it would benefit one of the best 4 wheeler manufacturing firm in India..

Some Annexures
Tweets to @greatbong ( on his one sided blog-post on Killing of the Maruti HR Manager at Manesar Plant) and @amreekandesi

Screen Shot

A  thread on Gujrat based on Mr Modi's statement in Japan, with Maruti reference, and a comment by one of the participants, that he is privy to the knowledge , that workjing conditions at Maruti suzuki Limited, Manesar plant, are pretty bad ( I TOO HAVE 1ST HAND INFO ABOUT THIS) But to sound unbiased a third party link 

A BUNDLE Containing 3 blogs on Wall Street Journal on the Maruti Manesar Plant unrest, of course critical of its HR Policies of Maruti Suzuki Limited.

A BUNDLE on Leadership and Motivational Practices for better productivity
I re-iterate
I AM BULLISH ON THE MARUTI SUZUKI STOCK AND ADVISE EVERYONE TO BUY IT ON EVERY FALL. It is the best 4 wheeler manufacturing firm in India, having high indigenous content, as compared to Hyundai Motor Car.

My take on labour wage policy.

A) I don't have any objection to contractual labour, labour should be demand linked, and should be allowed to be increased/decreased as per the demand/seasonal fluctuations. I am perfectly OK with benching policy, with demand fluctuation.

B) My problem/objection is on the issue of differential wage policy, having huge gap, between the permanent (Older & Less productive labour force) and Contractual ( Younger and more productive work force) . Mind you the work flow, process is the same, and more so, the newer facilities, where contractual work force is employed needs higher skill sets, and  hence an equal work for equal pay policy. ( One may check with a Supreme Court Judgement on the issue, of equal work for equal pay, between Regional Rural Bank employees Union v/s Regional Rural Banks ( a class action suit , demanding equal pay parity with the Nationalized PSU Banks, which the employee union won) 

C) The only difference in pay in my opinion should be the social security costs(pf/gratuity/pension benefits ) which are paid to, deducted from, a permanent employee only, and remitted to PF trust/ Pension/Gratuity reserve fund (annually from profits) . The social security costs of unorganized labour must be borne by Government, from the cess received from the industry, for employee welfare measures.   

D) Further, the duration for which the labour is kept contractual is very disheartening , because, having 75% of your workforce as contractual, when the demand is constant, is highly irregular and unconstitutional as per current Labour laws in India. The Labour records are a computerized data, which can give graphically the average peak labour workforce, which must be the number of permanent labour, and  fluctuating workforce, the contractual labour. It does not require knowledge of Rocket Science, to calculate average Labour employed data, the same is done on a daily basis, by all the costs and works manager of firms, in order to come at costs/profit calculations. 

            In the GARB OF LIBERALIZATION, Employers cannot resort to Draconian & Dictatorial attitude towards slaves, as shown in Terminator II and Bollywood movie Karma by Dr Dang. World over, if you check with United Airlines, Exxon, British Petroleum, Corus or Land Rover( Both of which the TATA's acquired) The severance pay of a labour is to be planned and paid by any employer at the time of retrenchment/shutdown is a part of HR Policy of any firm.

            The issue of contractual labour/outsourcing is not an issue only with Maruti Suzuki Limited, but the entire organized sector employment in India, including the Indian Railways, Army, State/Government of India and Public Sector ( some examples are part time sweepers, water boys, drivers and ATM Security) 

              There are 3 risks in having huge contractual work force

1 Increased risk of Frauds and Graft because of non fulfillment of basic social and economic needs .
2 Economic and social disparity between identical class of workers. (They have to maintain same status mind you, living next to each other)
3 Increased social unrest because of social taunts by relatives, spouses, children and society.

The above 3 factors are a well researched and experienced facts experienced by this writer. 

                 Since the liberalization in 1991 the economic disparities between rich and poor have widened, so is this policy justified, in the long run, such disparities lead to unrest's, like that in Mao infested areas and Manesar. It is the duty of all the stake holders Employers, employees, governments and Labour Cells of the STATE Government, to amicably sit across the table and settle. If unsettled for long More Manesar s are bound to happen. One can study the Datta Samant Textile labour strikes in Mumbai & Rajan Nair Auto Industry strikes in Pune / Akurdi belt in the 90's and its effect on the Crime Rate of Mumbai. It is a fact,

  The media reportage/depiction of Maruti Manesar plant issue (especially by NDTV) is a HIGHLY BIASED & ONE SIDED PORTRAYAL OF FACTS. The facts which are still disputable.

1 What was the " Cause of Death " of the HR Manager, Maruti Susuki per post-mortem report?

2 Was the " Cause OF Death " Injury/ies or Asphyxiation ?

3 If the cause of death was Injury/ies , was it because of violence and injury/ies caused by labour, or by stamped.

               Unless the above facts are not clearly enumerated by the electronic media, an UNFAIR media trial of the labour at Manesar is HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE, because Maruti Suzuki Limited issues loads of TVC's to these television channels. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Will Anna Hazare Dharna at Jantar Mantar And Arvind Kejriwal's movement to expose Alleged Corruption charges against 13TH President Pranab Mukherjee Succeed ? Venuspeak POV

Will Anna Hazare Dharna on 25TH July 2012 at Jantar Mantar, Delhi Succeed ?
Will Arvind Kejriwal Movement against alleged corruption charges,
Against 13TH President of India Pranab Kumar Mukherjee Succeed ?

IMHO, the answer to both the questions is a big NO. Why so? Let us analyse.

            I assume that the reader of this post, knows the background of Team Anna, Sh Anna Hazare, of Ralegan Siddhi, Maharashtra,  India Against Corruption (Hereinafter mentioned as IAC), Janlokpal Bill Movement (Hereinafter mentioned as JLP) and important constituents of the movement, namely Sh Arvind Kejriwal, Ms Kiran BediShanti BhushanPrashant BhushanKumar VishwasManish SisodiaSantosh HegdeMedha PatkarAkhil Gogoi, Baba Ramdev , of Patanjali Yogpeeth fame (Hereinafter mentioned as BRD), Swami Agnivesh, Shivendra Singh ( 1 2 3 4  ), Shazia Ilmi( 1 2 3 ), & Aruna Roy, But still the links of particular people, organisations & movements are linked here, via Wikipedia on the respective names here, for all to read. Thank you. JLP 2011 .. Please read carefully about controversies, which every one of them have. (except Shivendra & Shazia) 

Let us put some pictures as proof & then old links in retrospect and see how the popularity of JLP & IAC has waned, as Newtons Law of Gravity says " What goes up, comes down " Since the proof of puuding is in eating it, let me serve you my pudding as a proof and cook Anna ji's Goose

14:36 hrs IST Today 25TH July, 2012
Twitter Trends.

Here you find Christian Bale, Kapil Dev, NSUI, ICL, Pranab Mukherjee


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is Gujarat a manufacturing Hub? Really? Bur why does The Menon family not buy anything manufactured in Gujarat? Open Letter to Shri Narendra Modi

Dear Shri Narendra Modi,

                Jai Sri Krishna ne Ram Ram Saa

                         Kem cho Mota Bhai?

                                      Apni Japan Ni Yatra Barobar chey ney Bhai?

                 It is strange Sir, I happened to hear, your statement addressing JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation ) and strangely most news links from a site which I never heard (Rofl) 

              I thank you on behalf of the states Poshchim Bangal & Bihar & Nepal for promoting them via Gautam Buddha, Ravindra Nath Tagore & Swami Vivekananda. 

                  I quote you as having said " Japan has technology and Gujarat has talent to absorb " what if opposite happens.

                    You have also said that Gujarat has hig speed braodband ( Sire, seriously, telecom is a central subject) further as far as Metro is concerned, Delhi, Karnataka, Bengal, Rajasthan, Kerala, Andhra &  Maharastra have taken lead over your state already, with Metro projects already begun.

               As a Strongly Nationalist Indian, Neither I want Mumbai as Shanghai/Beijing (Submerged in Water  , Nor Kolkata as London ( with Riots  & use of technology using Blackberry to loot and riot ) Nor do I want to make Mehsana as Fukushima ( officials lie on radiation)  I want the Gujarat of Gandhi & Nevchetana Movement, which I have earlier used in my post  (Please check Data on Demographics and development indicators, it places Gujrat at its proper place. Data is NOT MINE, BUT OFFICIAL DATA!!!)  on 5TH June, where I can eat Dhokla, Oondhia and Fafda, and have Nasta in Baroda Gardens on a Sunday. 

  Oh!!! the post is not on your speerch, my posts are always about ME ME ME & ME

Sir, Mota Bhai ye mahina mate grocery wapra, Gujrat no item nathi, .Sachi Bolloon choo Mota Bhai.

The following items exist in Menon Household, anyone is free to visit me , have a cup of Tea/Coffee or share a conversation, and have a deko as to what exists, in my drawing room/ Bedroom/Kitchen & Bathroom.

Confession : We do not own an AC & Automobile, not because we can't afford, but we don't seem to need it, and it is also environment frinedly. But

I have a car loan sanctioned & a furniture advance also sanctioned, and my selected items are
1 Car Maruti Wagon R / Ertiga (CNG+Petrol )
Manufactured in Haryana
2 Air Conditioner Samsung / Voltas likely hood Voltas , Manufactured in Maharashtra / Haryana-Delhi.

               I will list out items as per my itinerary/ order of use
S No         Item                                 State/UT manufactured
1 Toothpaste Close Up/ Babool           Karnataka/ Uttar Pradesh
2 Soap Amway                                  Solan HP
3 Shampoo Dove / Clinic/ Ponds         Silvassa / Thada Thana HP / Aurangabad
4 Blade Gillette                                   Haryana
5 Domex/Lizol/Harpic                         Himachal/Uttarakhand/Silvassa/Daman ( I am surprised to find all detergents and chemicals being made in Dadra/Daman/HP/Uttarakhand)
6 Deo Axe                                          Australia ( No deo is made thankfully in India)
7 Perfume Perfum De Toilet Chanel     France
8 After Shave Park Avenue                 Aurangabad Haryana
9 Revel soap (Paras chemicals ) FREE Gujrat
10 Mobile/ DTH   Airtel                     Delhi/ Pinjab / Haryana (Gurgaon-Mobile) Pune-DTH Maharashtra
11 Television Videocon                      Aurangabad Haryana
12 Towel Bombay Dyeing/ BSL         Bhilwara Rajasthan
13 Bed sheets  Block hand printed      Food based dyes Sanganer, Jaipur , Rajasthan
14 Shirts/Pants/Suit Raymonds            UP Kanpur/Maharshtra Aurangabad
15 Sons Clothes Pantaloon/ Madura    West Bengal / Hosur Road Bangalore Karnataka
16 Wife's Apparel                               Kolkata/ Bolpur  West Bengal/Jaipur/Patiala/ Tata / Biba Maharshtra/Delhi / Lucknow(UP) Bangalore/Chennai/Kochi/Trisshur (south silks and kasav)
17 Daughters Apparel                         Mostly imported/ Bengal as she is a Kinitwear designer
18 Leather Goods Bata/Sree Leathers  Agra(UP) Kolkata (Bengal)
19 Microwave   LG                              sONEPAT (hARYANA)
20 Gas Srove/ Chimney / Hops             All Haryana/Punjab Kaff & Indane
21 Water Purifier Godrej
     /Eureka Forbes                                Mumbai,  Maharashtra
22 LPG Indane                                     Mathura UP
23 Glass / Crockery Hitkari/Bengal/crystal
    /La Opala                                         Maharashtra/ Bengal/Rajasthan/Firozabad UP
24 Steel utensils SAIL                          Salem Tamil Nadu
25 Spices                                             Kerala
26 Coffee                                             Karnataka/ Tamil Nadu/ Jaipur (Patwari/Nescafe/Arabica)
27 Tea                                                  Tata Assam
28 Oil Emami/Sunflower                        Bengal/Andhra
29 Ghee Anik/Milkfood/Saras               Punjab/Rajasthan
30 Coconut Oil Shalimar                        Bengal
31 Masala Everest/MDH                       Delhi
32 Powdered Spices chilli etcGanesh     Bengal
33 Shaving Cream Godrej/Old Spice     
     / Park Avenue                                  Vikhroli (Mah) Aurangabad (Mah) Kanpur(UP)
34 Mustard Oil                                      Bengal
35 Pickles Nillons / MTR / Priya            Maharashtra / Karnataka
36 Jams/Jelly / Baking powder
     /Brown & Polson                            Bhutan/ Udaipur REajasthan/ Maharashtra/ HP
37 Shakes & Sharbets Rooh Afza
     Thandai/ Badam Sherbet                 Hamdard (Dilli) Ralli ( Kolkata) Guruji(Jaipur)
38 Namkeen / Bhujia                            Haldirams/Bikaji/Bhikaram Chandmal Bikaner Rajasthan
39 Papadoms Murukku                        Matunga Mumbai/ Trisshur Kerala
40 Grains Rice/Wheat                          Basmati ( Haldwani UP) Wheat ( Kota Rajasthan
41 Lentils/Groundnut                            Kota Rajsathan
42 Mishti / Mithai                                 Kolkata / Chandernagore/ Jaipur/Jodhpur/Bikaner
43 Butter Amul                                  Anand Gujrat ( henceforth will buy ONLY Brittania(Bengal) 
                                                            Saras (Rajasthan)
44 Rin/Vim/wheel                                 Pune Maharashtra / Silvassa (Daman)
45 PC/Laptop/Modems/CRT               All Goa HCL ONLY
46 Dish equipment                                Falna Rajasthan
47 Beer/ Whiskey/ Rum RARELY        Rampur XXX/ Mohan Meakins BEER/ UB Scotch .UP/Solan HP 
                                                            / Karnataka

48 Undergarments                               Kolkata / Rajasthan / Tirupur / France/UK (imported RARELY) 
49 Mundu                                            Trisshur / Kochi Kerala
50 Lungi                                               Erode / Salem Tamil Nadu
51 Ice Cream                                      Amul / Mama Mia/Kwality (RARELY) When in Rajasthan/           
                                                             Mumbai Vadilal Gujrat / Delhi / Kolkata / Gujrat 
                                                             manufacturred locally.
52 Sanitary Napkins STAYFREE         Morvi Gujrat ( thats a monopoly)
53 DRY FRUITS                                 Cashew (Kerala) Pistachio/ Almonds ( Afghanistan) Walnut ( 
                                                            Himachal / UP
54 Sultanas                                           Nashik ( Maharashtra)
55 Cellphones / Tabs                            Made in China Micromax / Japan Nokia
56 Furniture                                          Barreily ( self acquired during Moradabad posting_
                                                            / Kerala (Heirloom Teak)
57 Water Rank                                    Laxmi ( Jaipur)
58 Cement used in House                     Shree Cements Beawar Rajasthan
59 Iorn & Steel                                    SAIL / TATA Jamshedhpur / Bokaro
60 Marble & Stone                              Rajasthan !!! Where else
61 Wires & electrocals                         RR Kabel / KEI Jaipur Rajasthan Kamani they supply to Railways
62 Switches                                          Anchor ( Punjab Haryana
63 GI Pipes                                          UNIK Haryana
64 Waterproofing for terrace garden     Shalimar Tar Products Andhra Pradesh
65 Paints                                              Asian Paints Kolkata WEst Bengal
66 Tyres                                               MRF Tamil Nadu
67 News paper                                     Jaipur/Kolkata/Delhi/Mumbai
68 Education                                         Rajasthan/Delhi/Bengal/Maharashtra
69 Health                                              Never suggested anyone to Gujarat, Mumbai/ Delhi/ Vellore 
70 Biscuits                                            Sunfeast Choco Delight ITC AP Brittania Marie, Kolkata, Tezpur, Dispur, Bamunimaidam Guwahati, Pan Bazar, Guwahati, Mednipur, West Bengal & Bisk Farm, Kolkata.

                               Finally sire, I would like to Bring your attention to a few  things.:
1 Corruption Please Google Kukei Tanaka ( Financial Corruption In Japan) & also that Many firms in Japan are retrenching or stopping expansion, further, there are no world class products from Japan, except Hitachi AC/ Toshiba Laptops/ Honda/Mitsubishi/Toyota Cars, Further Tokyo, happens to be a city with large cases of Depression.

2 Signs of Labour unrest have been observed in all Indian firms tied up with Japanese firms. There are no cases of labour unrest, in any manufacturing firm In Gurgaon Manesar belt, except in Honda Motors & Maruti Suzuki. Please don't forget, Maruti Udyog was set up by Late Sanjay Gandhi, and MR R.C Bhargava was known as a revered, Manager, till the firm was held by Government of India, Trouble started only after the firm turned fully Japanese. There has been no case of labour unrest in Hero Honda Moro corp, or its present avatar Hero India, but in Honda Siel!! . All tie ups either Allwyn Nissan, TVS -Suzuki, Swaraj Mazda, Maturi Suziki & Hero Honda have been severed, at the instance of the Japanese partbners. Indian promoters never requested for dicorce.

3 finally please go through the following data

The following Data of Car Sales Fy 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 Indicate that

1 Maruti Udyog Car Sales are higher than the rest put together
2 Tata Nano is a Flop Show HERE

Sire, pray tell, which entrepreneur progressed by hurting the stakeholders, owners, customers, employees and partners. Wherever the entrepreneur erred, market hit them as hard that, they were never able to recover ever. Infosys & Maruti Udyog are negatives here, and TATA Steel TCS & Wipro  a positive examples. As an astute student of Management, with special focus to HR & CRM I advise all entrepreneurs to study, Hawthorne experiment, Henri Fayol, . Maslow & McGregor Theory of Motivation, Leadership styles, and Tata Jamshedpur examples. Further the TCS & Tata Steel & Airtel, as well as Birla Groups strategy of  spreading eggs in different baskets have helped them in staying afloat and strong in even such hard times of recession and meltdown. Please remember Mr. Modi, Achilles, Lord Krishna & Lord Rama, had their sell by date maturities. No one is Invincible, there is nothing like TINA FACTOR. Even when Apple said “ If you don’t have an iPhoneI added I DON’T NEED AN iPhone !!! “ Over smart people always face their Nemesis.. Sooner OR later.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Subbu Sab Janta Hai , par VenuG bhi thoda bahut janta hai State Of The Nation, Pictures say it all

These are 9 pictures 
I usually put up my Annual Economic forecast
State of the Nation
latest by June 30TH every year.
But This year
Met & Media reports were
confusing me a lot!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

VenuG Film Gags Present: Steve Jobs in Tears in Heaven : Thinks Heaven Looks like Silicon Valley, San Jose or Southhall

This post is a work of fiction
Any characther resemblance to any person
is purely a coincidence
Please Read the Offer Document
Carefully before investing
Iti Vartaha

VenuG Film Gags
Tears In Heaven
A fictional Film
In Lead 
*prefix LATE before every name acting in this film*
Charachters in the Lead Role, Male: Steve Jobs
Other Artistes: Whitney Houston, Graham Bell,
Jim Morrison of The Doors
Shammi Kapoor
Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Jagjit Singh
Mehdi Hassan
Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi
Dev Anand
fighting & Winning his 201st Wrestling Bout
Sri Hanuman
Dara Singh
Music By Eric Clapton
Script Inspirred by & Dedicated to
Apple Fanboys & Fangirls


  Shree Androidaya Namaha

                           This is a dream I had last night, as I slept after a tiring day.....

                                                 Steve Jobs was sitting on a Rock in Heaven , looking at the Galaxy, this is Heaven okay, No Samsung Galaxy SI SII or SIII. There are no smartphones in heaven, not even chinese Megio ones, nor Micromax or Karbonn,  kind of lost and dazed. there was no Electricity, No Cars, No Air Conditioners , No Penthouses, No LCD's and he was kind of looking damn bored. suddenly he said ...

  Late Steve Jobs was pondering like this
Late Steve Jobs pondering.following quote of his!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Name is Bond, Shames Bond 354 IPC, With License to Molest. Justice for Women

If Men like Amar Jyoti Kalita exist
Why Blame Womem

How  section 354, ( bailable ) 509 ( bailable)
375 & 376  (Non Bailable)
376[A-D} Non-Bailable

What we want,
Make molestation and Rape , non bailable ctimes.
Sensitise Government to train Police Man on streets 
and It, Means they  And Make Rape & Molestation to 
Non-Cognizable offent

People like Amar Jyoti Kalita
A.K.A. Bond must never escape
and must be given most harsh punishment so that
others take a lession, no to repeat such molestation

Jai Hind

Friday, July 13, 2012

Be a Mother Hen or Father Lion to your Clients :Be Generic Speech by Finance Guy : After Dinner Speech by VenuG

This Speech was written by me for a Dear Old friend of mine, who had hit a creative writers block!

                  The Speech was written by me in 10 minutes, since I knew the friend well enough , writing it was a child's play for me. Notice that I have inter-winded, my friends intricate family details and family life into this speech. Finance my dear reader, is an area, upon which, depends the future, security and faith, ethically, and most of the time, the FOCAL PARTof a financial decision of any person, is his or her FAMILY. If you look at any Visual TVC of a financial product or firm, i.e. Amway, LIC, SBI, American Express, HSBC, Chase Manhattan, Barclay's Bank, Axis Bank, Syndicate Bank and ICICI Bank, you will find them, either staid and boring or focusing on Family, Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, children & grandparents.

                                So, if at anytime you , searching for a speech, acceptance speech, or a formal address to a trade meet in your area of Financial product, It could be Banking, Forex, Stock Trading, Insurance, Mutual Funds or Derivatives and Commodity Trading, please use this Framework, changing the examples. The formal address at a gathering of Financial Brethren, MUST BE as informal and emotional, to derive maximum applause. 

So, here is THE SPEECH.
Hope you like it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Does Google News and News Search Censor News ?

Is Google Resorting to Censorship or is it Commercially Motivated selective News Spotting? 
Or is it 
Based on Google Analytic s Traffic Data ?      

Dear Google India, The Telegraph Calcutta 


 Google News India,

 Please PONDER


When I started using I always found The Telegraph, Calcutta links especially  those in the Section "news near you " created by me . I have created some special tabs which gives me weather, cricket, technology, West Bengal and a special Music tab for news. since last week , I suddenly observed, that I was no longer finding any news link from The Telegraph, Calcutta. 

I posted this message to The Telegraph on their  " 30 Unputdownable YearsFacebook page created on 7th July, 2012 on their 30Th anniversary.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

+VenuG PositVenuG Paucity ? VenuG Pau Seeti ? VenuG

Mr R K Gupta
Is Waqt
Jab Main Aap Sey
5 Lakh ka Sauda kar raha hoon
Meri Jeb mein

Mr R K Gupta
At this moment, when I am making a deal of Half a million Rupees / $'s
I don't even have 5 paise / pence
In my pocket

Davar Saahab
Ab Bhi main fainkey huye paise

Mister Davar
Even Now
I don't take


If you dont GET what you like..
LIKE what you get!

Kaun kehta hai ki aasman mein ched nahi ho sakta..
Tabiyat se ek patthar to uchalo yaaron


Just do it

NEVER say NEVER again

U comes before I in United India

Jo dar gaya 
Woh mar gaya

dimag mat chalao 

Bachcha jab tak rota nahi hai
Usey doodh nahi milta

@the stroke of midnight....
When The World Sleeps
India Will AWAKE

Saare Jahaan se achcha...
Hindustan Hamara Hamara
Hum Bulbuley hain iski
Yeh Gulsitan Hamara Hamara


Vande Matram 



nothing is impossible.. IF YOU TRY it

where there is a WILL there is a  WAY

yes sir.. I will learn it soon

lazy bums quote

mala marathi yet nahi.. 
hey mazha kaam naahi ..
tyala saang mumbai

In Marathi

It means, 
I don't know Marathi, 
This is not my work, 
tell HIM :=>

ami bangla boojhte pari na to .. 
eita amar kaaj nei to .. 
apni okhane jigyas korbe to ? 


In Bangla

I can't understand Bangla no ? 
This is not my work no ? 
Will you inquire there no ? :=> ?

Jo sukh chahve kaya ka to gelya banke reh 
Marwari for
If you wan't happiness for your body,
Act like a fool!

Saat mamaon ka Bhanja 
Phir bhi bhooka sowey

Though, he is a nephew,
Who has 7 Uncles
He sleeps hungry,
each Uncle thinks,
That, the other Uncle,
Has fed him!

As #1 Economic Power 
Circa 2015 

I'm Confident,
Are You?

Jai Hind 




Friday, July 6, 2012

Science through Religion : Ancient Indian Scientific Temper. An Omnibus of All Ancient Indian Endeavor for Scientific Research

 July 6Th, 2012
 A letter from a Father to his Son
Love you Dhruv

 Me and Dhruv opposite Andheri Station Mumbai
After Purchasing Books for him
15Th December 2010, 14:01 hrs :)

Note to the reader
Please read one link per day, otherwise, since the subjects are varied , there will be confusion and information overflow.
Thank You
" Prajnanam Brahman- The secret of the Universe is the greatest knowledge. Tat tvam asi- That tells you who you are. Ayam atma brahma- It is embedded in our soul. Aham Brahmasmi- I am one with the Universe. Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmam- So is everyone . #God Particle "
The status was a marriage between Higgs Boson and Advaita Philosophy , Between God, Atma and Gods Particle.

PLEASE DO NOT MISS THE LINKS AT THE END, because the links contain immense knowledge on Real proven authentic science and mathematics, plus, meta physics, philosophy , medicine, economics, astronomy.  Dhruv Reas links on Vedic Mathematics, the last three, they will immensly help you in life. 

It all started with the above quoted Facebook status , by one of my proteges, Kaunteya Ghosh (kg)who is yet to be 19(will be on 24Th August) , a fine young follower of the Advaita philosophy, and a very  ardent follower of Adi Sankara

The Thread became very interesting due to intelligent comments by much older Patrick Quinlan (pq) maybe 50 something, Irish, looks like a scientist, Ina Zeuch (iz) 30 something a freelancer, looks artistic maybe related to art/fsahion/make-up , Me (kvgm) 52 , Indian Banker and; Dr Anjani Kumar Tripathi (dakt)  and many other regulars, Pradeep Saxena, Rahul Bagchi and Ayaz Ahmed.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

All My Links at One Place

Hi !!!
I am Venu
Which is short for 
K. Venugopal Menon
If you want to know me 
& Know Who I really am
in 2 words
I'm a
" Music Nutcase "

With my bestie buddy Tanu and her son Abir Satsangi
at ITC Sonar, 
on 11th February, 
Dinner after Love Baard.
I am crazily mad about all kind of music
Every living moment of my life
and existence
I have either hummed a song, or composed a song,
or written a song, or sung a song
Privately or Publicly.

Me at IndyRocKol2010 Singing I'm a Flirt

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Economic Times Loves The Number 15000 Proof

Year after Year after Year
my beloved pink paper
The Economic Times
Proclaims of course quoting someone

Sensex may drift to 15,000 "

Exhibit 1 Article dated 4Th October, 2011

Exhibit 2 Article dated 16Th May, 2012

Exhibit 3 Video dated 31st March, 2012

Exhibit 4 Video dated 31st August, 2011

Exhibit 5 My Google Search Result for " Sensex will be 15000 economic times "

Exhibit 6 BSE Sensex edges up; still in consolidation mode dated today July 4th 2012 when Sensex is 17462.81

Exhibit 7  Sensex on 31st December 2011 on bseindia

Meso American Mayan Prophecy on End of The World Re-plug of May 2010 Post with latest news Will it all end on 21st December 2012 ?


*******************************NEWS UPDATE***********************************

4th July 2012 Breaking News

Will the world end on 29th December 2012 ?
As ANI & Yahoo News tell us ?

1,300-year-old Maya text indicates 'end date' of world

*******************************NEWS UPDATE***********************************
Anirban Saha ,this one is on your request ,